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I hope at this point it goes without saying that I have a lot of respect
for the work you've done on BSD grep, and I've already told you that I
think you're very courageous for taking the project on. I've been
testing and evaluating it for some time now, and I think I've given it a
fair trial. You've done a fairly good job of responding to bug reports,
and I understand that the exposure BSD grep has received as the default
in HEAD has been very valuable in exposing additional areas that need
work. However, with all that in mind I am officially asking you to
please change the default in HEAD to GNU grep. (Note, I am _not_ asking
you to remove BSD grep from the tree, just to change the default.)

My reason is simple, performance. [...]

I've just committed a patch with the kind help of Dimitry Andric, which gives BSD grep a huge performance boost. The performance is now almost comparable to GNU grep. I think with this, BSD grep may remain default if no other serious issues come up. Please report if you notice something weird.

I know about some minor issues, which aren't fixed yet. I'll be out for 4 days as of tomorrow but when I come back I'll take care of these:
- Infinite loop when reading directory on ZFS/NFS filesystem
- Problems with context grepping

When reply, please remove core@ from CC, let's not bother them with this, I just wanted to let them know that I'm not neglecting this issue but if still demanded for a good reason, I'll switch back to default GNU grep.


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