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            Gabor Kovesdan <> writes:
: Yes, I'm sorry for my slow reaction, I got a flu some time ago and
: that prevented me from fixing the bugs earlier. I have several fixes
: in my working copy, which are being discussed with my
: mentor. Probably, today or tomorrow they will be committed.

I don't see a huge issue with it being default for a while, so your
slowness due to flu is OK, imho.  This is -current after all, and
bumps in the road are to be expected.  Reverting to gnu-grep being
default is likely good until you can resolve the issues that you've
talked about in other posts.  IMHO, it's unlikely additional testing
and exposure will, at this time, give you any new information.  Once
things have been tuned up, problems fixed, etc, it would likely make
sense to try this again (with special attention to the issues raised
this time, since there's good reason to believe people will try them
first thing if the switch is thrown back to default again).

I hope you're leaving it in the tree as an option, however, since BSD
grep is good enough for many users of grep.  They have been using it
for years and years without hassle as a port because their grep needs
are simple, and performance requirements modest.  For these folks,
license is the deciding factor.

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