On 08/19/2010 04:13, Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
It would have been far more "constructive and distinctively polite" to
take ten minutes to build and run a profiling version of grep, and
include the results in the OP.

Meta-comment first. des and I are both people of strong opinions, and we agree on more than we disagree on. I have no problem with him stating his opinion here, and I don't care if he agrees with me after I state mine. :)

There are 2 questions, did I do the right thing, and how should people report problems in general. As for myself, while I have some facility in C it's not my strong suit. Yes, I could have produced a profiling version of grep, but it would have taken me a lot more than 10 minutes because I don't even build the profiled libs on a regular basis. In this specific case I also didn't think it was "my job" to do so. Gabor is the one developing BSD grep, as far as I'm concerned it's up to him to get its performance up to par. I certainly have no objection to others helping him, and I'm glad that raising the issue of performance has resulted in more attention and assistance being directed at the problem. But I feel that I did my part by providing simple to reproduce test cases that Gabor could use.

More generally however I think that we need to be realistic with what we expect people to do about reporting problems. We WANT more "regular users" to use -current early on in the development cycle, and if they see problems to report them. Chastising people for not doing profiling runs of things that they are reporting problems with is not going to accomplish that goal.



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