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> You're right on the money, to be honest this is one of the reasons why
> I've switched to using OSX as my desktop OS.
> zsh, vim, screen by default.  and upgrades work.  At the end of the day
> I'm spending time doing work, not mucking about my workspace to make it
> usable for development.
> I think this was brought up at BSDCan in the discussion about making
> FreeBSD a more featured development platform.
> Speaking of... has anyone tried PCBSD?

PC-BSD isn't much different from FreeBSD.  The installer is GUI and support
ZFS, there are some GUI setup tools on first boot for X, there are some GUI
tools to select binary drivers for X, and there ​​are working pkgng repos

I had a lot of issues with PC-BSD 9.0 and 9.1 as I was trying to do things
"the FreeBSD way" which broke a lot of things that were done "the PC-BSD
way" (aka don't manually edit config files used for booting).

​Switching to the "rolling-release" (aka PC-BSD 9-STABLE) and moving all my
config file edits into <filename>.conf.local fixed my issues.  Things have
been running smooth, and I finally understand the beauty and simplicity of
freebsd-update + pkg.  OS gets updated once per month, packages get updated
twice per month, no more compiling things from source.  It's like using
Ubuntu/Debian but with the power and features of FreeBSD.  :)

Freddie Cash
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