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> Or, purely hypothetically, if your goal was to make it work, you could just 
> use Poudriere which will take a list of packages that you need and build a 
> package set for you, which you can stick on a DVD / USB stick / whatever and 
> take into your production environment.

For all the air-gapped shops I dealt with, any package builds had to be done 
inside the air-gap.  (Those were the rules - I didn't make them.)

The bottom line was: the fewer external dependencies to build a basically 
useful system, the better.

> If Poudriere doesn't do what you want, then constructive feature requests are 
> always welcome (bapt likes having us add things to his to-do list - he has 
> way too much free time).

What would really help is if the ports fetch-recursive-list target could extend 
to reliably include the distfiles for the runtime dependencies as well.  But 
I'm not even sure that's possible.  We tried a few different things, but in the 
end we had to brute force it by running 'make fetch' in every one of the ports 
directories in order to get all the distfiles onto an external system, which we 
then rsynced to a USB drive, marched inside, and rsynced to the fileserver.  
Not pretty ... but with all the distfiles at hand we knew the inside ports 
builds wouldn't fail due to missing dependencies.


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