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>> Bullshit.
>Sounds like your week didn't get off to a good start.

No, I'm simply calling your argument bullshit, because it is.

>> You got FreeBSD in there in the first place, there clearly
>> is some kind of aperture through which software can migrate.
>Yes, we walk in a DVD-ROM with a FreeBSD installation image on it.

So put your packages on there as well, if they're not already there
(did you even check ?)

Or do a "cd /usr/ports && make fetch" and write a (number of ?) DVD's with 
the resulting distfiles, and carry those behind the firewall, knowing
that you have 20k pieces of software including NetHack and and an
INTERCAL compiler, so you will never be bored, no matter how long
airgap remains open.

I've been doing exactly that since 1998 and I know it is both
trivially easy and wonderfully assuring to the customer when you
can tell them:  "*All* the source code is here, and you are running
a system verifiably compiled from it."

Just recently one of those old but still running FreeBSD systems
were plucked out for a random audit.  They found the CD's in storage,
installed the FreeBSD 2.2.5 on a machine, also from storage,
recompiled everything from sources, built the embedded image,
installed the image and passed all the test-cases.

And yes, now we're talking about a much overdue upgrade.

QED:  Bullshit.

And no, we obviously should not move /bin/sh to ports, but
software maintained by compet^H^H^H^H^H^capable projects
outside of FreeBSD should not be imported into FreeBSD
absent compelling reasons, and already imported software
should be constantly scrutinized to see if there are better

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