One thing I feel FreeBSD always ignored  is instrumentation frameworks.
I am talking about wbem, cim model and implementation like OpenPegasus. Why is 
I ported OpenPegasus to work in FreeBSD with few patches.
However, of course without providers a wbem doesn't go far. I started to see 
how to shape providers for freebsd at:

my openpegasus port is at:

Apple ships a wbem
Microsoft ships a wbem / non-standard
RedHat ships it.
Suse ships it.
z/OS ships it.
Ubuntu and distro-like ships it.
And Solaris does also.

Why not us?

The advantage outside of this idea is better coding technique and design to 
expose API first and utility based on those APIs.
if any utility can be used as API, this discard the need for application to use 
system() or popen() to execute shell code to accomplish system tasks, which is 
really bad but widely widespread in lack of good  API exposure of those 
utilities. This reduce a lot of error with changes in utilities switches, etc. 
and mitigate security risks.

Wouldn't it be great to query FreeBSD with queries like:
select * from UNIX_DiskDrive where Storage_Capacity> 1000
select * from UNIX_SCSIController WHERE LastErrorCode <> 0

Anyway, this is just to talk, let me know your opinions!

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