On Wed, 2014-05-07 at 08:39 -0400, Bruno Lauzé wrote:
> One thing I feel FreeBSD always ignored  is instrumentation frameworks.
> I am talking about wbem, cim model and implementation like OpenPegasus. Why 
> is that?
> I ported OpenPegasus to work in FreeBSD with few patches.
> However, of course without providers a wbem doesn't go far. I started to see 
> how to shape providers for freebsd at:
> github.com/brunolauze/openpegasus-providers
> my openpegasus port is at:
> github.com/brunolauze/freebsd-ports/tree/master/net-mgmt/openpegasus
> Apple ships a wbem
> Microsoft ships a wbem / non-standard
> RedHat ships it.
> Suse ships it.
> z/OS ships it.
> Ubuntu and distro-like ships it.
> And Solaris does also.
> Why not us?
> The advantage outside of this idea is better coding technique and design to 
> expose API first and utility based on those APIs.
> if any utility can be used as API, this discard the need for application to 
> use system() or popen() to execute shell code to accomplish system tasks, 
> which is really bad but widely widespread in lack of good  API exposure of 
> those utilities. This reduce a lot of error with changes in utilities 
> switches, etc. and mitigate security risks.
> Wouldn't it be great to query FreeBSD with queries like:
> select * from UNIX_DiskDrive where Storage_Capacity> 1000
> or 
> select * from UNIX_SCSIController WHERE LastErrorCode <> 0
> Anyway, this is just to talk, let me know your opinions!

Are you going to propose updates/new ports for these tools?


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