> One thing I feel FreeBSD always ignored  is instrumentation frameworks.
> I am talking about wbem, cim model and implementation like OpenPegasus. Why 
> is that?
> I ported OpenPegasus to work in FreeBSD with few patches.

> github.com/brunolauze/openpegasus-providers
> my openpegasus port is at:
> github.com/brunolauze/freebsd-ports/tree/master/net-mgmt/openpegasus

So, getting this committed to FreeBSD ports is your goal ?

> Why not us?

Dunno 8-}

> Anyway, this is just to talk, let me know your opinions!

I'll have a look. Not soon, not fast, but I'll have a look at it.

p...@opsec.eu            +49 171 3101372                         6 years to go !
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