On 2014-05-28 16:44, David Chisnall wrote:
On 28 May 2014, at 17:10, Dirk Engling <erdge...@erdgeist.org> wrote:

I wonder if there is or there are any plans to provide an official repo suitable for a typical non-desktop-installation, i.e. with

There aren't currently any plans, but we're now bringing online the
infrastructure for supporting multiple package repositories (for the
new-X.org stuff).  We're limited by the time it takes to build the
ports tree (around 24 hours on a fast machine, although a lot of that
is a few outliers), but I think this could be quite fast if it also
excludes anything that has xlib as a dependency, so it would make a
lot of sense.


I discussed this, at least explained the situation a bit, to Dirk in private.

I will add this to the current test system build just to guage the time/space
involved. No guarantees right now that it will be published. The risk
is that of NEW_XORG and SSP adding in more builds may extend past 7
full days which will not give us predictable builds. This is mitigated by
using a pool of build systems and a queue, which I plan to implement.
The package building infrastructure is still growing and evolving.

As for skipping unneeded ports the best I can do is '-a' or "Build it all". If a port is only needed for WITH_X11 then an IGNORE should be added to it
when WITHOUT_X11 is set to prevent wasting time on it.

Bryan Drewery
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