On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 10:55:05PM -0400, "Brandon D. Valentine" 

> The number one excuse large third party server vendors use to justify
> use of NT over Linux on their high end SMP systems is the poor
> performance of Linux SMP.  This is a tremendous opportunity for FreeBSD
> to take market share.  People are seeing the virtues of free, open
> source operating systems in the server farm and providing top notch SMP
> support in FreeBSD will help to see that we make further inroads that
> the Linux guys do.  If the BSDi code assists us in improving SMP
> performance and if the corporate backing helps our PR image, then we
> could be in for a fun ride.  This is the time to start thinking in terms
> of "What can we do better?" or we're going to lose the battle.  Sure,
> those changes could go into 5.x and be released when RELENG_5 is
> branched a year from now.  But in this business, a year is 6 months too
> late.  Think about that before you object to what appear to be vast
> improvements in the performance of the RELENG_4 branch while it is just
> getting off the ground.

Fair enough, but as somebody (Greg Lehey if I recall) said it was taken
about 5 years for Sun to develop fine SMP support and we can't expect to
be faster. FreeBSD is quite behind of Linux on the SMP issues currently,
Linux is somewhat behind of NT and NT, I believe, is still behind of
Solaris for SMP. Actually, I don't know, because my Solaris 8 CD is
still on the way :(

Vallo Kallaste

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