On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Wilko Bulte wrote:

> > On a similar note: I think one of serious drawbacks of FreeBSD's model
> > for updating and bugfixing the stable branch is 'make world'. It's very
> > inefficient and cumbersome way to do this on production machines. STABLE
> > is stable enough for us to be able to prepare binary patches, which can
> > be applied to a system in some (known) version. 

> Question: are MD5 checksums the same for each and every
> build (assuming static sources obviously) or is there some timestamp (or
> something like that) in the generated binary. If there is, one could only
> create binary patches relative to a -release.

Here your logic is wrong. When I make a binary patch, I don't HAVE to update 
anything that is not substantively changed. Think "make all" rather than 
"make world". From there, it is easy enough to generate a chain of patches 
just like CTM does for the sources. 
However, is it worth the effort? I don't know.

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