On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Vallo Kallaste wrote:

> Fair enough, but as somebody (Greg Lehey if I recall) said it was taken
> about 5 years for Sun to develop fine SMP support and we can't expect to
> be faster. FreeBSD is quite behind of Linux on the SMP issues currently,
> Linux is somewhat behind of NT and NT, I believe, is still behind of
> Solaris for SMP. Actually, I don't know, because my Solaris 8 CD is
> still on the way :(

Solaris is far and away better at SMP than NT. I haven't seen NT running
on 64-cpu machines, and I certainly haven't seen it scaling very nearly
linearly to ~20 CPUs (diminishing returns start to take effect around 22
cpus). Solaris has had this since at least 2.6 (when I last evaluated
this) with 2.[78] adding greater stability and more features.

Christopher Nielsen
Enkhyl on IRC

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