On 27/07/2014 4:43 AM, Cy Schubert wrote:
> In message <53d395e4.1070...@fastmail.net>, Darren Reed writes:
>> On 24/07/2014 1:42 AM, Cy Schubert wrote:
>>>>> But, lack of ipv6 fragment processing still causes ongoing pain.  That'=
>>>>> s our=20
>>>>> #1 wish list item for the cluster.
>>> Taking this discussion slightly sideways but touching on this thread a 
>>> little, each of our packet filters will need nat66 support too. Pf doesn't 
>>> support it for sure. I've been told that ipfw may and I suspect ipfilter 
>>> doesn't as it was on Darren's todo list from 2009.
>> ipfiler 5 handles fragments for ipv6.
> Switching gears and leaving the discussion of ipv6 fragments to mention 
> nat66. A lot of people have been talking about nat66. I could be wrong but 
> I don't think it can handle nat66. I need to do some testing to verify 
> this. I remember reading on sourceforge that it was on your todo list. It 
> doesn't look like it was checked off as being completed.

IPFilter 5 does IPv6 NAT.

With the import of 5.1.2, map, rdr and rewrite rules will all work with
IPv6 addresses.

NAT66 is a specific implementation of IPv6 NAT behaviour.


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