August 26 2014 2:45 PM, "Alan Somers" <> wrote: 
> On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 1:39 PM, Mark Felder <> wrote:
>> August 26 2014 10:21 AM, "Alan Somers" <> wrote: 
>>> Merged into the projects/zfsd/head branch by change 270604. Merging
>>> to head is blocked by three issues:
>>> a) The atf-ksh93 hack. The correct solution is to modify all the test
>>> programs (not the test cases) so they can run under /bin/sh. That
>>> will take some effort.
>> Can you provide a link to the atf-ksh93 code?
> There's not much to it. It simply sets an environment variable and
> calls atf-sh. What's more interesting is libtest.kshlib. In order to
> eliminate atf-ksh93, we would need to modify libtest.kshlib to run
> under /bin/sh. Alternatively, it may be easier to split
> libtest.kshlib into two files: a small /bin/sh-compatible that can be
> sourced by the ATF test programs, and a ksh93 script that only needs
> to be sourced by the ATF test cases.

Depending on how complicated it is we might be able to coerce dteske into 
checking it out. He could write an sh mastery book... I'm sure he could assist 
with this. :-)
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