Brandon Allbery wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 11:40 AM, Michelle Sullivan <>
> wrote:
>> This is my only option - however, I suspect I'm already f**ked - my
>> build servers kicked off at 4am and the non pkg jails automatically
>> converted themselves to pkg.. the pkg jails obviously continued...
>> however I now have a repo that contains half pkg versions in the same
>> directory structure and indexes as the pkg_install structure...
> So, the flip side of enterprise software management is that you probably
> should not be integrating a rolling release like ports into what is
> supposed to be a stable verified environment in the first place.
> *Especially* not via cron jobs with no supervision. At the very least, your
> jails should be working from a local ports tree (or packages via
> poudriere), with cherry-picking of locally tested patches.
The roll until they get a stable base (using Jenkins as the controller)
- they've been rolling since a patch to DBIx-SearchBuilder (that I
created and submitted), which out came the DBD::Pg update to 3.3.0 and
the subsequent blacklisting of it for RT 4.x and then the tcl breakage
around mid August until 2 days ago...  So yeah not that stupid.

Michelle Sullivan

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