In message <v0422080ab53464df3042@[]>, Brad Knowles writes:
>       A thread on got me checking into this, and now 
>I've gotten very curious.  From what I can determine, it looks like 
>what is integrated into FreeBSD is Berkeley db 1.85 (in 
>/usr/src/libc/db), although there is a port for 2.7.7 in 
>       Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that db 1.85 is 
>pretty widely known to be broken in a number of ways (see 
><>), and I'm wondering what it 
>would take to get this updated to at least 2.x, if not make the jump 
>all the way to 3.x (currently at 3.0.55, according to 

Sleepycats license is not FreeBSD compatible :-/

>       On a related issue, as another Berkeley alumni, how easy would it 
>be for Keith to get committer access to FreeBSD, assuming he wanted 
>it (and doesn't have it already ;-)?

For maintaining db ?  Sure.  

But I understand that the license issue holds up the upgrade to a
newer DB and that Keith has no interest in maintaining the older
version we use.

>       Out of curiosity, is there a public list of all the people who 
>have commit access to FreeBSD?

Yes, it's in the CVS tree in the file CVSROOT/access and in the
Handbook as well.

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