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>1. PDF viewers fail to display pdf/ps files correctly. Many files
>get displayed as blank pages, and I can only get the pdf to display
>after closing/re-opening the file several times, or by repeatedly
>scrolling up/down past the seemingly blank page. Pages with an image
>have more problems than pages with text-only.

evince crashes for me about 1 out of two but files with purely
images seems to fare slightly better than others.

people have pointed fingers in the general direction of gtk/cairo

>2. With the exception of Opera (which is out-dated), all remaining
>Browsers fail to display most web pages in a sane manner (Firefox,
>Seamonkey, Epiphany, Midori). Chrome is the worst because even with
>just a blank page it flickers, goes completely white, comes back
>as a partial image and sometimes locks X for 1/2 second or so.

I'm running firefox 35 on current and that seems to be working OK.

My guess is that your problems are specific to your graphics
hardware, and therefore it could be valuable if you could try,
just as an experiment, to move your diskdrive to different hardware,
just to see if the problems comes along for the ride.

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