> The drm2.ko graphics driver has some hard spinning loops, which may
> be the cause of the problems you are seeing and not
> actually /dev/ums0. Are any error messages printed in "dmesg" ?

I have all debug disabled in my kernel (no WITNESS, no GDB/DDB), so no 
messages. If you think it's worth wile, I'll build a fresh world and a full 
DEBUG enabled kernel or I could build graphics/drm with the debug option?

> evince crashes for me about 1 out of two but files with purely
> images seems to fare slightly better than others.
> people have pointed fingers in the general direction of gtk/cairo

I was one of those finger pointers as well, since all apps would display 
any/all text as little squares then immediately crash; unless cairo was 
specifically built with the WITH_DEBUG=yes option. IDK why that worked really, 
it just did.
> I'm running firefox 35 on current and that seems to be working OK.
I get same results as I described for Seamonkey.
> My guess is that your problems are specific to your graphics
> hardware, and therefore it could be valuable if you could try,
> just as an experiment, to move your diskdrive to different hardware,
> just to see if the problems comes along for the ride.
I have diskless environment set up and serving from a jail (NFS not jailed 
obviously), so I try your suggestion with any pxe_boot capable machine. 
Unfortunately the available clients are either RS780/RS880 family, have no GPU, 
or i386. I'll have to get creative to test your idea. However, I have 
corresponded with JS Pedron several times before, so he is aware of the 
issue(s) and he did not seem to think the problem was with Radeon drivers.

I also collected "loud debug" output in the past from the Kernel, without 
getting much of a result. Which makes me think the debug should be set for the 
application level and not the Kernel level. The problem is, how to log all that 
output from 5-10 different apps all at the same time? (plus would it be worth 
the exercise?)


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