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> On 09/17/2015 09:48, Matthias Apitz wrote:
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> > Johannes escribió:
> >
> >> Same here. I would personally definitely buy new hardware from Intel if
> >> FreeBSD worked on it (not vesa...)
> >> ...
> > What dow you have against vesa? I run CURRENT on some Acer C720
> > Chromebooks with Haswell chipset in Vesa mode. And you will not note it.
> > I have never ever had such a fast desktop (KDE4) before. I can live fine
> > with Vesa until Haswell suport is there.
> >
> >     matthias
> BTW, have you tried the xf86-video-scfb driver? It works much better
> than vesa here. The only catch is you have to be booted UEFI with CSM
> disabled. Using it on my X1 Carbon, gets 3k resolution properly and
> everything. Thanks to Glen Barber for bringing that to my attention.

The Chromebook Acer C720 does not has UEFI; it runs Coreboot with
SeaBIOS as payload.

The Xorg runs fine without any xorg.conf file, just detects the video as
Vesa with 1366x768 resolution, the max of the 11" screen of this

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