On 18.09.2015 08:30, Shane Ambler wrote:
> A little off-topic but has anyone tried to get nvidia to return libcuda
> to our drivers? While it was there a few years ago it was removed yet
> again. From what I could tell we had to use the linux sdk to compile
> cuda kernels which probably hindered freebsd using it so the sdk may
> need porting to freebsd as well.

During XDC last week, we talked about that with an NVIDIA developer (ie.
working for NVIDIA, not on Nouveau). CUDA is a bit complex: it's not
only a library but also a toolchain. This is a lot of effort and, as a
company, they probably won't port/maintain it except if FreeBSD
customers are asking for it.

However, this developer will see if libOpenCL.so can be compiled on
FreeBSD and shipped with nvidia-driver. It could just be a matter of
enabling the build.

Jean-Sébastien Pédron

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