On 11/11/15 7:56 PM, Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
Julian Elischer <jul...@freebsd.org> writes:
The inclusion of the HPN patches meant that we could drop a custom
unsupported HPN enabled ssh from our build process.  It makes ssh
actually usable.
Define "usable".  Does it actually make a measurable difference with the
latest OpenSSH?  And if HPN is so important to you, is there a reason
why you can't use the port?
useable..  able to use more than 5% of the available bandwidth.

Our environment is not freeBSD exactly. many ports won't compile and we don't have ports in our setup (I didn't do it.. don't blame me) But we do and can compile FreeBSD sourcers so ssh from src is an easy recompile or just a binary drop in. We used to do it by hand from sources ftp'd from OpenBSD and compiled straight (no ports), but since it came to have HPN all that went away because the in-tree one worked for us.
Now we'll have to resurrect all that framework and pain.

have you mentioned this plan to Brooks?  Didn't he add it?


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