In message <3970.958963729@localhost> "Jordan K. Hubbard" writes:
: No, I don't mean rodents who've nibbled on chocolate-covered expresso
: beans, I mean PS/2 mice which fall victim to this new problem:
: May 19 00:50:45 zippy /kernel: psmintr: out of sync (00c0 != 0000).
: I've seen it for the last few weeks and can only think that something
: must be stomping on the psm driver now (or the driver is missing
: interrupts for reasons of its own).  Anyone else seeing this?

I see this from time to time on whacked out mice that come into my
posession.  Sadly, I see it most on my laptop.  It seems to happen
less offten when I have
defined in my kernel config file.

I've also seen this when I've tried to hot plug mice.  This includes
when power is lost to my KVM switch.  When that happens, I gotta
reboot all the machines that are attached to it since something is
whacko at that point, I get those messages, or worse no mice and no
message at all.

I know one isn't supposed to hot plug mice, but there are times when
one is using a KVM switch when it sure would be nice to reset the
driver.  Hmmm, there's a psmdetach.  Is there anyway to force a device
to be detached?  I know unloading the driver will do it, but one can't
unload the driver compiled into the kernel, can one?  And even if you
could, I'd run the risk of loading a driver that doesn't match my

Hmmm, time for a good ioctl interface to newbus :-)


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