> Jonathan Hanna wrote:
> > Yes, recently on 4.0-stable, though provoked by unplugging and
> > replugging in the mouse. It did not recover. This I thought
> > sounded like a PR on the mouse being dead after a wakeup
> > from sleep mode.
> Come to think of it, I do use a KVM switch, but this usually happens after
> I've been hacking away a while, having not touched the switch in hours or
> days.  Still, it could be related, I guess.

Well, in my case it happens without any such things going on.  More to
the point, it *never* works entirely right, from the moment I boot the
machine to the moment I turn it off.  The mouse is always jumpy now,
and it's the same mouse I've been using for years so it's not a
physical mouse problem of any kind.

- Jordan

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