>: May 19 00:50:45 zippy /kernel: psmintr: out of sync (00c0 != 0000).
>: I've seen it for the last few weeks and can only think that something
>: must be stomping on the psm driver now (or the driver is missing
>: interrupts for reasons of its own).  Anyone else seeing this?
>I see this from time to time on whacked out mice that come into my
>posession.  Sadly, I see it most on my laptop.  It seems to happen
>less offten when I have
>defined in my kernel config file.
>I've also seen this when I've tried to hot plug mice.  This includes
>when power is lost to my KVM switch.  When that happens, I gotta
>reboot all the machines that are attached to it since something is
>whacko at that point, I get those messages, or worse no mice and no
>message at all.

When power to the mouse is, either accidentally or intentionally, cut,
the internal setting of the mouse is naturally lost, and the mouse may
behave in a different way than the way the psm driver assumes...

>Hmmm, time for a good ioctl interface to newbus :-)

Or, an ioctl to reset the mouse...  I have long rejected this idea
because it will only encourage people to detach and attach the PS/2
mouse, which is generally not capable of hot plug/unplug.

But, there now are so many dumb KVMs which screw us, and we may have
to accept that...


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