Jonathan Hanna drunkenly mumbled...
> > I've seen it for the last few weeks and can only think that something
> > must be stomping on the psm driver now (or the driver is missing
> > interrupts for reasons of its own).  Anyone else seeing this?
> Yes, recently on 4.0-stable, though provoked by unplugging and
> replugging in the mouse. It did not recover. This I thought
> sounded like a PR on the mouse being dead after a wakeup
> from sleep mode.

sometimes the people who clean our office move my computer to vacuum the floor
and somehow they always manage to knock the mouse plug out.  i try everything
i can think of, but the only way to make the mouse start working again is to
reboot.  this is 4.0-stable, and it used to happen with 3.4-stable before i
upgraded as well so i don't think this is version specific, it is something in
the psm driver than hasn't changed in a while.


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