On Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 09:21:06PM +0100, Stefan Kohl wrote:
> Hi Marius,
> I finally got my RT 8168 Ethernet Card (Zotac Ri323) working after
> patching if_re.c (r295601). Contrary to the assumption that
> HWREV_8168E_VL with Chip Rev 0x2c800000 should not require RTL8168G
> handling as soon as I expand the sc->rl_flags for the respective
> HWREV and define the (ominous) 8168G_Plus Flag for RL_HWREV_8168E_VL
> the card is functioning correctly.

My best guess currently is that treating HWREV_8168E_VL as RTL8168G
or later chip - which it simply isn't - serves as workaround by e. g.
resetting parts of the RX/TX MAC configuration, that doesn't make it
an appropriate fix, though. I have a WIP which does a more complete
initialization of Realtek Ethernet MACs, part of which is a workaround
for broken BIOSes and is specific to HWREV_8168E_VL. I suspect that's
the more likely cause for your problem and would also explain why there
was no other such report so far. Currently, 10.3-RELEASE and its show-
stoppers have higher priority for me, though.

> When broken (without the patch) I got the following tcpdump output:
> 19:18:46.299360 00:00:00:00:00:00 (oui Ethernet) > 00:00:00:00:00:00
> (oui Ethernet) Null Information, send seq 0, rcv seq 0, Flags [Command],
> length 84

Actually, this pretty much confirms the assumption that your problem
is caused by a broken BIOS as the correct workaround for that bug
consists of making the GMAC aware of the MAC address via the driver
in addition to only setting it in the MAC.
Err, wait, IIRC yongari@ had a similar change as far as the broken
BIOS workaround is concerned. You may want to give the following
patch a try instead of treating HWREV_8168E_VL as RTL8168G+ (I don't
know whether that patch applies cleanly to current re(4), though):


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