On 28 Mar 2016, at 16:00, Aleksander Alekseev <afis...@devzen.ru> wrote:
>> I think I realized what's going on. I probably rebuilded the world on
>> two different machines but forgot to do it on this one. I will
>> re-check this and report results a bit later.
> OK, here is a problem. I can't upgrade the world because of compile
> errors I mentioned before:
> http://lpaste.net/948188758727983104
> This issue reproduces with both CLang 3.6 and new CLang compiled
> manually from trunk (I created symlinks clang++-3.9 and clang-cpp-3.9
> to clang-3.9 and it solved my problem with CLang I mentioned before).
> Thoughts?

Don't try to build world with ports clang, it's not yet supported (at
least not officially, and without jumping through some flaming hoops).

Just use the compiler in the base system.

If all that doesn't work, your system is likely hosed, and reinstalling
from scratch is probably the easiest way to get back up to speed.


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