Three issues:

- floating point math doesn't seem to work properly:

    To reproduce:

         Build xaos from ports (/usr/ports/graphics/xaos)
         Run xaos and press 'a'
                - enjoy the show but I dont think its what the
                  author intended.

    I have reproduced this on two machines which are running
        -CURRENT as of around May 29th - 30th with the new
        binutils.   Both machines were upgraded by:
             - make world
             - making and installing a new kernel
             - mergemaster
             - reboot
             - deletion of ALL installed ports
             - recompile of every essential port (inc XFree 3.3.6)

    One machine has its source populated by cvsup from cvsup4,
       the other by cvsup from my own cvsup server whos repository
       is populated by ctm-cvs-cur delta so I dont think there are
       any problems with my source tree.

- backward compatibility:

    Before I deleted all ported software on my home machine (cvsup's
       from cvsup4) I ran wdm and Window maker and saw lots of
       problems with font rendering into wrong locations, menus not
       being displayed properly and icons being placed in incorrect
       locations (not actually icons but the launching thingies!).

    I'm not complaining but rather reporting so that people can
       bump appropriate FreeBSD version numbers..., update UPDATING
       etc if required or if there are not meant to be any issues
       then work out why there are.

- stability:

    Windowmaker at home dumps core whenever I log out (it never used
       to do this before the new binutils with the exact same version
       of Windowmaker).

    I haven't noticed other stability problems yet.

These issues make me think that the new binutils is not yet ready
for -STABLE.

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