In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, David O'Brien wrote: 
> On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 04:42:29PM +0930, Matthew Thyer wrote:
> > Three issues:
> > - floating point math doesn't seem to work properly:

I don't have a -current machine I want to delete all ports from, but I
have a -current from yesterday, I compiled xaos on it and libpng,
which is the only dependency of xaos.  That leave XFree as the only
non-recompiled thing in the chain.

Works fine.

> It could also be poorly written ASM code in the things you were running.
> The old Binutils let people write inconsistent and illegal ASM.

xoas and png themself do not have assembler files.  Xfree servers have
some, but not in floating point related things.

Where is the information that this is a floating-point problem from?

Matthew, do you possibly use a custom gcc from /usr/local/bin and the
native assembler or vice versa?

Martin Cracauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
BSD User Group Hamburg, Germany

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