I emailed my details on what I have done on two machines that are
exhibiting this problem.  Because these machines are different in
their hardware and have not expressed the problem in the past, I
dont think its a hardware issue.

Before the new binutils both machines did not have this problem.

I dont know if it is the binutils change that has caused this problem
as I do not have the time to exhaustively test.

My email was to try to get others to reproduce the problem hence I
gave details on what I did.

So, has anyone done the procedure I have and seen or not seen the
problem where xaos version 3.0 draws garbage when renderring.  (run
xaos and press the 'a' key).

I haven't given kernel config files or hardware details because I
dont think its relevant until someone can say "I have done the steps
you have outlined and I dont see you problem".

I do not have time to debug this myself (I would also need to learn a
few things) however, I have been running -CURRENT for more than 5 years
and know that I have upgraded my software correctly and am fairly
convinced that hardware is not an issue so I am reporting this problem
to see if others can reproduce it as a service to the FreeBSD community
(I wont even charge for it!).

I also do not intend to report this to the binutils maintainers because
it may be a FreeBSD issue, not a binutils issue.

David O'Brien wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 10:24:24AM +0930, Matthew Thyer wrote:
> > Has anyone tried the specific instructions I gave to reproduce
> > the problem ?
> These instructions do things at too high a level.
> > i.e.:
> >
> >   - make world
> >   - making and installing a new kernel
> >   - mergemaster
> >   - reboot
> All fine.
> >   - deletion of ALL installed ports
> >   - recompile of every essential port (inc XFree 3.3.6)
> This doesn't give me anything to debug.  I need to know a specific source
> file.  Sending this bug report plus instructions to reproduce to the
> Binutils maintainers will get no where.
> --
> -- David  ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

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