Repost of old mail now that I've made my ISP register their mail
relays (which took three months for them to understand!).
I know this is ancient but being in the archives may help someone.

It was a kernel problem.

I made a new kernel from sources of about 8 hours ago and the problem
has dissappeared from my home machine (have to wait until after the
long weekend [- in Oz] to test the work machine).

It seems that something in the May 29th kernel was causing problems
for X.

Matthew Thyer wrote:
> It may not be FP itself.
> In fact I have seen some other strange graphic corruption at home
> when running xplanet in the background and xanim.   When the planet
> turns, the top 20 or so rows of the root window get corrupted with
> some of the image of the currently playing animation in xanim.
> I haven't mentioned this yet because I've only been running xplanet
> since post-binutils so I cant compare it with previous behaviour.
> It would appear to be an Xserver problem.

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