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>> Is there any emulator like linuxator to run Mac OS X binaries, or 
>> is ther any licensing problem?
> It may be possible to make an emulator for Darwin (the OS that Mac OS sits
> on top of), but an emulator for Mac OS would probably require a legal copy
> of Mac OS.

NetBSD started working on one, and had it at a state where it could run the 
Darwin version of XFree86 (which should give you some idea of how old it was), 
but it couldn’t run the Mac Window Server and I don’t think it’s maintained. 
It’s not very interesting, because you need all of the frameworks and programs 
from OS X for it to be useful, and the license prohibits using them in such a 
way (and even if you did get it to work, you wouldn’t be able to run Mac apps 
at the same time as X apps without running XQuartz, and at that point you may 
as well just run macOS).

There is a more recent project called Darling (https://www.darlinghq.org) that 
tries to run Mac apps on Linux using a custom Mach-O loader, bits of GNUstep, 
and some of their own stuff.  No one has ever tried using it on FreeBSD, to the 
best of my knowledge.  It’s GPLv3, so I’m not motivated to contribute to it 
(though it does incorporate some of my code in various places).


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