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> On 9 December 2016 at 04:16, A. Wilcox <awil...@wilcox-tech.com> wrote:
>> If you do have the proper type of Mac OS X that can be virtualised
>> legally on PC hardware, you still need the SMC to be emulated.  That
>> will need to be added to bhyve before you could boot Mac OS X natively,
>> i.e. without hacks.
> The hacktingtosh community did quite a lot of work in that aspect. Eg. the
> Clover bootloader which most use to start OSX on normal PC hardware

And VirtualBox can boot Mac OS X without any bootloader or hacking, so
it is much more stable, and resilient to automatic updates (which you
need much experience to disable on newer releases, including macOS Sierra).

Note that if you have an AMD CPU, your options will be limited.  I'm
unaware of any bhyve option to customise the CPUID presented to the
guest (it may be undocumented, but I doubt it - the team is very good at
docs).  If you have an AMD CPU, you will need Clover and likely a
patched mach_kernel for AMD support.

I thought all this knowledge would be useless, three years after I
retired my last full-time OS X box... Who knew...


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