Luoqi Chen wrote:
> > We have inb and outb. Can't vmware be written in Forth? If inl cannot be
> > replaced with inb, I'd rather add inl than vmware.

> But we can't set registers to specific values before inb/outb, which also
> means our inb/outb are quite useless in making BIOS calls.

BIOS calls? Y'know, I once argued for a vm86intr() (or whatever it is
called) on FICL, in case applications needed it. 

As for setting registers ti specific values... huh? Why does this
matter? Can you explain exactly what your code does and how? 

I'd much prefer this could be done from a .4th file, as this is
something ports and third-parties might like to do.

> > Either way, no changes to /boot/loader.rc would be required.
> >
> This looks much better, I didn't know we could tell the loader to execute a
> script in loader.conf.

I try to keep it a secret. :-) While the exec="" stuff allows for
arbitrary code execution (as do _after, _before and _error), this sort
of thing is best avoided if possible on a configuration file. This
particular case, though, is precisely the kind of exception to the rule
I had in mind.

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)


        Hmmm - I have to go check this. My reality assumptions are shattered.

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