On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Brian Hechinger wrote:

:Kent Stewart drunkenly mumbled...
:> Netscape reallys goes to pot in a hurry if you allow it to use more
:> than 1-2MB of memory cache. A friend was seeing a terrible response
:> and tracked it back to Netscape's memory cache. He had a lot of memory
:> and started out with something on the order of 16MB. By the time he
:> was satisfied he was allowing less than ~2MB of memory cache, which is
:> all I had ever allowed it to use. 
:i never screwed with the memory cache, but i've seen some pretty heavy memory
:leakage with navigator.  how long have you had netscape running?  an hour, a

Netscape has lots of memory leaks.  the worst seem to be in Javascript, with
java being a close second.  I find I get the best performance and stability
out of it if I leave those off, except when you need them.  I also keep the
memory cache size small, 2 or 3 megs;  I leave the disk cache at a large
size, since I am behind a slow link.  The FreeBSD buffer caching does a good
job of not throwing stuff away that I am actually using, so that works out
quite well.

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