> Von: Adrian Chadd 
> Gesendet: Mo. 01.05.2017 23:31
> An: Manuel Stühn , 
> Kopie: freebsd-current , 
> Betreff: Re: regression suspend/resume on Lenovo T420
> There were lots of commits that could break things. :-)
> Can you compile up some intermediary versions between 315141 and
> r317559 to find which commit range broke things? That'll make chasing
> it down much quicker!

I'm following your advice and building some intermediary versions. This will 
take some time...
Nevertheless, I've discovered some things already:

1. It seems to me, that a plain freebsd r315141 does not resume completely.
    The display is still staying black after resume but the laptop is 
accessible via ssh. 
2. After installing xorg and starting X on r315141, resume works correctly. 
    Not having a running X results in not resuming the LCD.
3. setting the value hw.acpi.reset_video=1 results in continously resetting
    the machine. Only pressing the powerbutton for a long period of time 
disrupts this cycle.
4. r317559 with X running does not suspend at all. Stopping x and try to 
suspend then
   results in similar behaviour as described in 1.

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