>Chris Costello wrote:
>> On Friday, June 16, 2000, Peter Wemm wrote:
>> > Err.. how did you run it?  'perl < MYKERNEL'?  If you run 'perl MYKERNEL'
>> > it will generate nothing because I was kinda lame and didn't know how to do
>> > argument parsing. :-]
>>    Couldn't have hurt to ask.
>> while (defined($ARGV[0])) {
>>         # ... parse ...
>>         shift;
>> }
>>    It'd work as perl script.pl arg1 arg2 ...  or as ./script.pl
>> arg1 arg2 ... (if +x).
>How about that and as a stdin pipe as well if no args are specified?

while (<>) {
  # parse
  # ...

does this.  It is a simple construct, but magical and generally
does what you want.  You can even modify the @ARGV array in the middle of
the loop and have it work correctly.  Perl is filled with these programming
shortcuts, thus its beauty and strength.


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