:> Err.. how did you run it?  'perl < MYKERNEL'?  If you run 'perl MYKERNEL'
:> it will generate nothing because I was kinda lame and didn't know how to do
:> argument parsing. :-]
:Yep, I ran it exactly as you specified in your "HEADS UP" message
:to -current.  It generates no output for either GENERIC or for my
:kernel config file:
:jkh@zippy-> perl gethints.pl < ZIPPY 

    I made the mistake of updating my -current tree :-(

    My test box, with a pristine 5.x kernel, crashes on boot... it only
    gets a few lines in, prints the amount of memory the machine has,
    and BEWM.  Low memory page fault.

    I tried every combination of device hints files, hints config entries,
    and so forth that I could think of.  I tried turning off the SMP, 
    softupdates, and half a hundred other things and still no go.

    If I turn on invarients I get an infinite DDB prompt loop.

    I am going to try backing out Peter's patchset to see if that solves
    the problem.

    (In general, I don't think I like putting the hints in a separate
    place or even a separate file... now I have two or three files I have
    to deal with rather then one config file.  It makes managing bunches
    of config files annoying.  I wish that the earlier format hadn't been
    ripped out.  I don't see much of an advantage of moving it into a 
    loader-accessible file).


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