On Sat, 17 Jun 2000, Matthew Dillon wrote:

> ...
>     It looks like sccnattach() is calling scvidprobe() and scvidprobe()
>     is then:
> 0xc023484b <scvidprobe+7>:      cmpl   $0x0,0x10(%ebp)
> 0xc023484f <scvidprobe+11>:     setne  %al
> 0xc0234852 <scvidprobe+14>:     movzbl %al,%eax
> 0xc0234855 <scvidprobe+17>:     push   %eax
> 0xc0234856 <scvidprobe+18>:     call   0xc0229c90 <vid_configure>    <----****
> 0xc023485b <scvidprobe+23>:     push   %ebx
> 0xc023485c <scvidprobe+24>:     push   $0xc0282682
> 0xc0234861 <scvidprobe+29>:     call   0xc0229b4c <vid_find_adapter>
>     Calling vid_configure and vid_configure is dying.
>     The list is generated from a linker_set ... one of those special linker
>     lists.
>     Something's broken the list.... maybe the DATA_SET macro is something ilke
>     that.

Dependencies for setdef.h were broken by removing ioconf.o from ${OBJS}.
Previously, any change in the configuration resulted in a change to
ioconf.c, so setdefs.h got rebuilt.  Now, removing whole drivers doesn't
change anything in ${OBJS}, so the old setdefs.h gets used and the wrong
amount of space is allocated for some linker sets.  This bug cost me a
few hours when I tried removing console drivers in order to debug the
console initialization bugs.

This quick fix also backs out rev.1.180:

diff -c2 Makefile.i386~ Makefile.i386
*** Makefile.i386~      Sun Jun 18 21:22:28 2000
--- Makefile.i386       Sun Jun 18 21:31:50 2000
*** 173,178 ****
! setdef0.c setdef1.c setdefs.h: ${OBJS} param.o
!       @gensetdefs ${OBJS} param.o
  # this rule stops ./assym.s in .depend from causing problems
--- 172,177 ----
! setdef0.c setdef1.c setdefs.h: Makefile ${OBJS}
!       @gensetdefs ${OBJS}
  # this rule stops ./assym.s in .depend from causing problems


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