In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Mike Smith writes:
: The real issue here is persistent system state across the S4 suspend; ie.
: leaving applications open, etc.  IMO this isn't really something worth a 
: lot of effort to us, and it has a lot of additional complications for a 
: "server-class" operating system in that you have to worry about network 
: connections from other systems, not just _to_ other systems.

They why bother supporting laptops at all?  FreeBSD is now more than
just a server OS.

And the network connection issue is a non issue.  If the connections
are present when we go to sleep, either the connection will time out
or it won't.  It is no different than yanking out the ethernet cable.
Those that time out will get a connection reset when the application
comes back when the system wakes from the S4 state.  Those that don't
won't care since they will just continue working.


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