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> Dear current/x11,
> please CC me on responses.
> I am writing you on behalf of the FreeBSDDesktop team concerning the
> future of drm1 in base.
> drm1 in base supports the following GPUs:
> * 3dfx Banshee/Voodoo3+ (tdfx)
> * ATI Rage 128 (r128)
> * ATI Rage Pro (mach64)
> * Matrox G200/G400 (mga)
> * Savage3D/MX/IX, Savage4, SuperSavage, Twister, ProSavage[DDR] (savage)
> * SIS 300/630/540 and XGI V3XE/V5/V8 (sis)
> * VIA Unichrome / Pro (via)
> Since their original introduction up to 2010 these drivers have mostly
> been maintained as part of larger cleanups. The newest hardware drm1
> supports dates from 2004, if I am not mistaken, and most of the
> hardware is AGP-based.
> With the introduction of graphics/drm-next-kmod which brings its own
> drm.ko following the Linux notation, we are facing collisions between
> these old drivers' drm.ko and the newer one.
> We would like to hear if anybody still runs CURRENT on machines housing
> the above GPUs and relies on drm1.
> If there are still a significant number of people running CURRENT on
> this hardware in production, we would be willing to make a
> graphics/drm-legacy-kmod port.

Thanks for the heads up Johannes. I currently have three machines that each 
run ATI r128, mach64 and the last one an mga card. I normally use my i945 
and i915 laptops (mostly the former) but on occasion I may fire up X on one 
of the other three. Having a drm-legacy port in the tree would benefit to 

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