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> , blubee blubeeme writes:
> > I also have a current machine with one of those listed gpu.
> > 
> > A friend got hacked on windows, I got them setup with a ryzen chip
> > and no integrated GPU. Finding a supported gpu was a challenge but,
> > those old drivers allow the machine to have display.
> > 
> > Please try to maintain the older drivers, thanks.
Well, from now on you can recommend also AMD Tahiti up to Polaris
alongside the binary Nvidia driver, assuming the system is amd64. :-)
> I wouldn't mind taking care of and feeding the new port if it's
> created.
Thank you!

It does look to me that there is a need for continued support to exist.
So we will create a port now and then I will propose removal of drm1
from base so that users of graphics/drm-next-kmod and
graphics/drm-legacy-kmod can more easily co-exist in the future. I will
probably issue a CFT after the port landed to make sure that everything
still works and would much appreciate if people with the hardware could
give it a spin.

Thank you everybody for your responses!


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