What about doing the changes on a branch with the understanding that 
the branch will *replace* HEAD when it stabilises ?

This sounds odd at first glance, but it means that others are forced 
to MFC into the smp branch - if they don't they lose.

Anybody that's not confident to be able to merge into the smp branch 
will simply be in the same position - merge or hold off.  They'd also 
be just as likely to break the smp work with their commits as if the 
smp work was done in HEAD.

> :: the kernel stabilizes, or expect large doses of pain.  This tag will be
> :: laid down as soon as June 26, 00:00 PST, with a minimum 24 hour warning
> :: beforehand.
> :
> :Thanks for the fair warning.  Now don't do it.  Has core approved
> :this?  I don't think so, I've seen nothign from them about it.
> :
> :The instability ni -current for MONTHS is pain not acceptible.  We've
> :never really allowed that in the past.  A CVS branch would be mcuh
> :better for this sort of thing.  I know that's a pain as well, but this 
> :is just for SMP people and the rest of us shouldn't have to deal with
> :the pain.
> :
> :I understand your desire to have it all in a working tree, but causing
> :pain for ALL developers for potentially MONTHS isn't a reasonable
> :request.
> :
> :Warner
>     The problem is that the changes are simply too extensive to be able
>     be able to split them off then merge them back into 5.x N months later.
>     Creating another branch will tripple the workload on anyone doing 
>     merge work.
>     We knew we'd probably have to do it this way months ago, and Chuck
>     Paterson of BSDI confirmed it when he related his experiences with
>     trying to manage the BSDI 5.x MP stuff as a separate branch.
>     In short, it was a complete disaster, and I have no doubts that
>     trying to manage it as a separate branch in FreeBSD would also result
>     in a complete disaster.
>     We've known this day was coming for ages... ever since Jordan announced
>     the BSDI merger.  Jordan and other core members have hinted, intimated,
>     and outright told people that FreeBSD-current would be used for the BSDI
>     merge work.  Well, the time is now folks!
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