At 26 Jun 2000 09:33:30 GMT,
nik wrote:
> We have a problem with keeping our documentation up to date.  One of the
> most glaring examples of this is the hardware compatability list.  We
> currently list hardware information in LINT, HARDWARE.TXT, the FAQ, and the
> Handbook.  Any time this information changes it has to be updated in all
> these places (and possibly more).  This does not always happen.

I don't like "Everything should be written in XML" type thought.  But
consept for automatic updating of document would be fine.

So first of all, we (documentation project) should develop prototype
tool to achive that conversion.

And we should keep that master text simple to ease modification by
hackers.  If we force to write complex markups, hackers will *forget*
to update that master text. :-)

> LINT would then become a skeletal file for things which don't fit this
> sort of pattern, and the full LINT would be generated by a script which
> parsed the above and the skeletal file to generate the full LINT.

I think developpers may dislike to install doc toolchain to build
LINT file.  $CVSROOT/src tree should not depend on doc toolchain.

Another idea is to write some script to convert LINT to LINT.xml for
documentation.  And website and documents depend on it.  Yes, this is
not ideal world from the point of SGML/XML view, but we should not
bother hackers' development in the source tree.

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