On Mon, Jun 26, 2000 at 07:27:39PM +0900, Jun Kuriyama wrote:
> So first of all, we (documentation project) should develop prototype
> tool to achive that conversion.
> And we should keep that master text simple to ease modification by
> hackers.  If we force to write complex markups, hackers will *forget*
> to update that master text. :-)

The aim is that we have one file that describes the drivers -- this file
will be used by us to keep the documentation up to date, but it will also
be used by the system -- if the driver writer doesn't update this file then
the system won't know about their driver, and won't build it.  They'll *have*
to keep it up to date.

> > LINT would then become a skeletal file for things which don't fit this
> > sort of pattern, and the full LINT would be generated by a script which
> > parsed the above and the skeletal file to generate the full LINT.
> I think developpers may dislike to install doc toolchain to build
> LINT file.  $CVSROOT/src tree should not depend on doc toolchain.

Agreed.  But Perl (already in the base system) plus a Perl XML module should
be OK?

> Another idea is to write some script to convert LINT to LINT.xml for
> documentation.  And website and documents depend on it.  Yes, this is
> not ideal world from the point of SGML/XML view, but we should not
> bother hackers' development in the source tree.

I disagree.  We're not Linux, where people can throw in code without thought
to the wider consequences -- one of the commitments you should make (that's
a generic "you" there, not you specifically) as a FreeBSD committer is to 
maintain the documentation that's affected by your changes.  A look at
HARDWARE.TXT shows that (with a few notable exceptions) the FreeBSD Developer
Community at large is *not* keeping it up to date.

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