In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Nik Clayton writes:
: Another script would parse the above and generate HARDWARE.TXT.  And another 
: could parse the above and spit out DocBook for the Handbook and FAQ.

There's some problems witht his.  the ed driver supports a whole raft
of cards, but who can list them all?  Other than that, I like the

There's a real, pressing need to know if pccard FOO-bar is supported
or is known to work or not in the current version.  The PAO folks did
a great job with this in their lists of cards known to work.  Figuring
out how to setup a database with all of this information is going to
be tricky.  The Japanese nomads were talking about this at one point,
and if they come up with someting for pccard, it could likely be
extended to all types of cards.


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