In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Dan Moschuk writes:
: Perhaps it would be a good idea to assign someone the task of just maintaing
: the HARDWARE.TXT file, rather than expecting all developers to keep 
: documentation up to date?

This can be difficult to do.  It will take someone with enough cycles
to grok the new hardware support, as well as monitoring lists for
reports of trouble, etc.

: Warner is the gatekeeper for UPDATING, and it seems to work rather well.

Yes.  Sometimes less well than other times.  when I have about 2 hours
a week to spend on it or more, it works a lot better than when I'm
completely swamped...  I think it is working because I wanted to stop
the whining in -current about how hard it was to keep up with
current.  UPDATING has gone from a very terse warning bulletin to a
less terse, fairly useful document as the rough spots in the road get
written up well by others and I pick from the N different copies I
get.  Still, it is somewhat quirky.  I'd Kinda like to see it somehow
on the web pages updated in near real time (well, daily is close
enough :-)

: I'd take on the responsibility.

Good luck!


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