| I disagree.  We're not Linux, where people can throw in code without thought
| to the wider consequences -- one of the commitments you should make (that's
| a generic "you" there, not you specifically) as a FreeBSD committer is to 
| maintain the documentation that's affected by your changes.  A look at
| HARDWARE.TXT shows that (with a few notable exceptions) the FreeBSD Developer
| Community at large is *not* keeping it up to date.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to assign someone the task of just maintaing
the HARDWARE.TXT file, rather than expecting all developers to keep 
documentation up to date?

Warner is the gatekeeper for UPDATING, and it seems to work rather well.

If there is no one explicitly on the doc project that you'd like doing this,
I'd take on the responsibility.

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