Rahul Dhesi wrote:
> >> Can we have little green "[ OK ]"s as well? :)
> >I hope you are joking... LOL... We don't want Linux emulation to go in
> >that direction.
> It's not the green that's important, it's the 'OK'.  The way Redhat
> Linux boots, you can see at a glance which start-up commands failed and
> which ones succeeded.  The way FreeBSD boots, it's all one big blur.

I don't like the Linux/HP-UX/whatever way simply because it's non-unix
in the sense that normally output is generated only in case of failure
or in exceptional conditions. It's "telling" me things I don't want to
"hear". The same applies to having "N/A" or "FAIL" emitted for services
that aren't enabled/configured (in which case printing "FAIL" is plain

> Also, in the Linux scheme, there is a standard mechanism to keep track
> of which boot-time service has already been started, and any accidental
> re-invocation of the script (without an intervening 'stop') will be
> detected and rejected.

Which means that if the daemon is down and the script doesn't know about
it, you have to remove pid files and whatnot to use the script again to
get the daemon running, right?

> I personally find the 'chkconfig' command to be
> very convenient to enable, disable, and list boot-time services, without
> having to manually rename xxx.sh to xxx.sh.DISABLED and back.

You mean the irritating pop-up that asks you questions everytime the
bloody machine boots? :-)

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